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Jam or eat? Hard decisions have to be made...

To win the game, you have to play through the song without starving. 

(To get Blues Power, you have to tap onto a note when it passes the white square in the center, so timing is important!)

The more you play, the more fans will gather up to listen to you. This will multiply your earned Blues Power. But making music is exhausting! Your Hunger Bar (red) is constantly drained, an empty Hunger Bar means that you loose the game.

This means that you have to snack some fans from time to time to refill your Hunger Bar, tap on the dino to eat some tasty fans. But don’t eat too many fans! With less fans you will earn less Blues Power, possibly making a level impossible to finish!


15.10. um 20:40 - Second Build - Critical Bugs

16.10. um 20:40 - Third Build - Critical Bugs

23.10 um 18:40 - 4th Build - add name, icon + bugfixes

Team: AspiringDragons
@Nomido:Simon - Game Design/ 3D Modellierung

@ nikofrenk:Niko und Vlad - 3D Modellierung

@ amateurbohne:Jannik - Musik und SFX

@Dreadcrumb:Leander und @simon_winter:Sebi - Programmierung

Keywords used: Jahrmarkt(Graphics), Blues (Music), Dilemma(Mechanics)


4thbuild.apk 31 MB
thirdbuild.apk 30 MB
BluesDinoOST.rar 14 MB
secondBuild.apk 30 MB
firstBuild.apk 29 MB


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Bei bei mir funktioniert das Spiel leider nicht. Ich kann nicht auf Start drücken. Und wenn ich über die Level Anwahl gehe, sehe ich zwar das Spiel aber es tut sich nichts.

Der neue Build funktioniert besser, ist aber nach wie vor nicht fertig leider